Tilba's Twilight Walk

From AUD $55.00
  • Duration: 2 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Central Tilba, NSW
  • Product code: Twilight Walk

Embark on a one-of-a-kind adventure with Tilba Walks, and experience Central Tilba like never before with our enchanting "Twilight Walk." Immerse yourself in the quietude of twilight, exploring the living history and cultural significance of this heritage-listed village on the Far South Coast.

What to Expect:

Tilba's Twilight Walk unveils the surrounding landscape at the most beautiful time of the day, offering a unique perspective on the charm and heritage of Central Tilba.


  • Twilight Exploration: With your local guide, delve into the living history of Central Tilba, discovering its cultural significance during the serene hours of twilight.

  • Far South Coast Gem: Tilba Walks is a standout highlight on the Far South Coast, promising an afternoon well spent immersing yourself in the beauty and history of Central Tilba.

Your Journey Begins:

  • Commencement Time: 5 pm in summer, 4 pm in winter.

  • Meeting Spot: Look for the 'Meeting Spot' poster on Corkhill Drive, Central Tilba.

  • Your Guide: Meet and greet the woman in the large hat, your friendly local guide ready to make your experience truly special.


Your Tilba's Twilight Walk is packed with enriching experiences:

  • Cheesemaker and Founding Families: Learn captivating stories about the cheesemaker and the founding families, adding depth to your understanding of Central Tilba's history.

  • Guided Narration: Hear tales and titbits as you meander through the village, with your personal local guide offering unique insights into the heritage and stories that shaped Central Tilba.

  • The Sweet Spot: Discover a secret vantage point to witness the landscape like never before, a highlight of the journey.

  • Capturing Memories: Photographs are taken at various locations along the guided journey, allowing you to relive the experience at your leisure.

  • Pre-Dinner Delight: Conclude your walk with Tilba Walks with pre-dinner drinks at The Dromedary Hotel, our local gem.

  • Dinner Arrangements: Allow Tilba Walks to enhance your experience by arranging seating for dinner as part of your tour, with highly recommended local cuisine.

  • Reflect in Twilight: Relax in the ambient glow of the evening, reflecting on the twilight within the village of Central Tilba, the first National Trust Village in NSW since 1974.

Make your evening extraordinary with Tilba's Twilight Walk.