Tilba's Heritage Walk to Brunch

From AUD $30.00
  • Duration: 45 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Central Tilba, NSW
  • Product code: Tilba Heritage

Embark on a captivating journey with Tilba's Heritage Walking Experience,

A morning walk that promises to enlighten you with the history and cultural significance of this enchanting National Trust Village of Central Tilba and its surrounding landscapes.

What to Expect: 
As the sun graces the horizon, Tilba's Heritage Walking Experience invites you to:
Early Morning Exploration: Enjoy a refreshing early morning walk, delving into the vibrant history and cultural tapestry of the area.

Engaging Narratives: Hear intriguing tidbits and perhaps some tall tales, as your local guide unravels the stories woven into the very fabric of Central Tilba.
Living History Uncovered: Tilba Walks Heritage Walking Tours delve into the living history of the region, providing a unique perspective on the Far South Coast.

Your Journey Begins:
Commencement Time: 8:30 am
Meeting Spot: Look for the 'Meeting Spot' poster on Corkhill Drive, Central Tilba.
Your Guide: Meet and greet the lady in the large hat, your guide ready to lead you through this immersive experience.

Your Tilba's Heritage Walk includes:
Historical and Cultural Insights: Tap into the past with your local guide, gaining unique insights into the heritage and cultural significance of the area.

Landscapes Unveiled: See the landscape like never before, as Tilba Walks provides a fresh perspective on the natural beauty surrounding Central Tilba.

Founding Families: Learn about the founding families and the compelling narrative of how the town came to be.
Cultural Significance: Discover the cultural significance of the area in the context of Yuin Country, enriching your understanding of the region.

Brunch Reservation: Conclude your walk with Tilba Walks by enjoying brunch in one of our delightful cafes, with a reserved table awaiting your return.
Village Insights: Sit back in time for the opening of the village's shopping precinct, allowing you to savor the rest of the day with a deep understanding of the village's back story.

Booking Information:
For group tours and students' details, please refer to our booking arrangements for a seamless and tailored experience.
Immerse yourself in the tales and treasures of Central Tilba with Tilba's Heritage Walk.